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The renowned mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter from Austria taught to beware of the devil a few days before Islam was accepted.

In one of his posts on social networking site Instagram, the devil said that he used to hurt himself daily 2 weeks before entering the circle of Islam, one day to the extent that he was hospitalized. Had to go

He stated that fortunately, on the fifteenth day of intending to accept Islam, no bad situation was encountered and they proudly entered the sphere of Islam.

In his post he wrote that Satan is everywhere, please be careful.

Remember that Will Helm Ott, the leading mixed martial arts fighter from Austria, converted to Islam during the ongoing lockdown in view of the possible spread of the deadly Corona virus. The MMA Fighter chose his Islamic name 'Khalid'.

On the social networking site Instagram, on April 16, Fighter's conversion and acceptance of Islam revealed a statement in which he said that Islam restored faith in the days of the Corona crisis in the world.

He also said that 'Islam' has been on his mind for a long time, that he was inadvertently getting signals but he was unable to do anything at that time.

The MMA fighter said that I kept refuting those thoughts in my mind, but the truth is coming out and now in the days of global outbreaks like Corona, the truth has been revealed to me. I breathed a new spirit

Sharing a video while reading the martyrdom of Kalma and sharing the good news to his Muslim fans, he wrote, "My faith is so strong that I can recognize the Godhead, and proudly call myself a Muslim."

In one of his posts, Nusslem Khalid said that in the path of Islam, he brought his fellow Turkish fighter Barak Kezlarmak.

Khalid thanked the fellow fighter and said that Barak Kozalmarak had given him the Qur'an and the gift of prayer.
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