PIA Special Flights Scheduled - Pakilinks

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has issued a special flight schedule for PIA.

According to the PIA schedule, special flight PK-701 departed London from Islamabad today while PIA's cargo plane also departed from Islamabad to Chengdu city of China.

Today flights from Islamabad to London will depart PK 785 pm while foreign flights to take British nationals will arrive in Islamabad at 3254 pm and flight QR 7512 will also be departing Doha with British citizens from Islamabad shortly thereafter. Will be.

According to the schedule, PIA flight PK-8709 departed from London today while PIA special flight PK-709 for Manchester also departed from Lahore.

On the other hand, a foreign airline flight UL 1206 from Colombo will arrive in Lahore this afternoon while the cargo from Colombo will be brought to Pakistan.

According to the PIA schedule, on return flight, 117 Sri Lankans will be withdrawn while all PIA flights departing from Pakistan will return empty.
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