3 Americans claiming damages against WHO - Pakilinks

Following US President Donald Trump, US citizens have now fallen behind the World Health Organization (WHO) instead of the Corona virus.

Three New York filed a lawsuit against the World Health Organization in court.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court, has accused the World Health Organization of failing to provide timely measures, systematic global efforts and awareness to prevent Corona.

American citizens' claim for damages also includes delays in declaring Corona a global pandemic, guidelines for treatment and not advancing travel restrictions.

The damages also include WHO blaming China for hiding Corona, but China has not been made a party.

The claim calls for WHO to compensate for the irreparable damage to New York's 350,000 West Chester County residents, but the amount has not been determined.

The worst damage from the Corona virus in the United States has been in New York, where 18,929 people have died in the state, while the outbreak has affected 222,225 people.

On the other hand, the total death toll from the Corona virus in the United States has risen to 42,518, while the total number of those infected has risen to 7,292,938.

Of the 6,778,831 coronary patients being treated in US hospitals, 13,951 are in critical condition, while 72,389 coronary patients have been healed by the mercy of Allah.
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