The iPhone is the company's biggest money generator, but sales have declined over the past three consecutive quarters. Tim Cook and his team need to rekindle some excitement around their products.

New Iphone 11 Release Date

    This is what all iPhone, Apple TV + and other new Apple products will cost
    This is the new iPhone 11
    The best memes about the iPhone 11

This was the highlight of the event:

1) The three cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max can record multiple videos at once. The Pro is aimed at professional cameramen and photographers, but it will help anyone take professional-quality photos and videos twice as many frames per second, according to Apple.

The Pro phone includes telephoto, wide and ultra wide cameras and also has a new night mode that allows people to capture images in low light.

2) This is what the new iPhones will cost

New Iphone 11 Price

Q: What is the difference between iPhone 11 and Iphone 11 pro and iphone 11 pro max ?

Apple announced three new iPhones on Tuesday. These are their prices:

iPhone 11: $ 699 dollars
iPhone 11 Pro: $ 999
iPhone 11 Pro Max: $ 1,099

Older models will also be cheaper: the iPhone 8 will now start at $ 449, while the iPhone XR will cost $ 599.

3) Apple launches case correction
You don't want to scratch your new iPhone 11! Then Apple is launching a new line of iPhone cases that come in a wide range of colors.

4) Apple adds “Pro” to its strange iPhone naming convention
What do "3G", "S", "C", "Plus", "S Plus", "SE", "X", "R", "S Max" and "Pro" have in common?

All are suffixes that Apple has added to identify its iPhones.

For 10 years, Apple had a two-year update cycle: in the first year, Apple completely redesigned the iPhone. In the second year, the iPhone made some internal updates but remained the same abroad.

 Q: Will the iPhone 11 have 5g?

Yes.That was true for 3G / 3GS, 4G / 5G.

In other years, Apple broke the trend. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 had the same design as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, and there were neither 7S nor 8S. (There was no iPhone 9).

The biggest versions of the iPhone were once "Plus", and then changed to "Max."

The colorful and plastic was the iPhone 5C. The low-cost iPhone was the SE. The reduced basic version of the iPhone last year was labeled "R", and this year is only "11".

The improved version is "Pro" this year (it was "S" last year).

Did you get it

5) Wait, so Apple products are cheap now?
$ 699 for the iPhone 11
$ 199 for an Apple Watch
329 dollars for an iPad
$ 5 a month for Apple TV +
$ 5 a month for Apple Arcade

That is much less than people expected. There are two reasons why Apple prices are surprisingly low.

1) Apple hardware sales fall, the company is looking to expand its base, reaching the lower end of the market by offering some cheaper products. He did the same with the iPod a decade ago, presenting the Mini, Nano and Shuffle versions of the MP3 player.

2) Apple needs subscribers to boost its frontline sales, which have been in a depression for many years. By charging only $ 5 for Apple TV + and Arcade, Apple will attract a larger group of people who will try the new services.

New Iphone 11 Features

6) What size is the iPhone 11?

New iPhone 11 Pro

    The most advanced ever made, says Apple
    5.8 and 6.5 inch screens
    15% more energy efficient
    Spatial audio
    HDR 10
    It comes in a new color: mint green
    Wide angle camera, super wide angle camera, a telephoto camera
    Apple gave the iPhone 11 Pro to some professional photographers. These were some of the images they captured

    Apple shows a video made and edited by cinematographers with the iPhone 11 Pro
    iOS 13 has new photo and video editing tools

Q; Is there going to be an iPhone 11?

 7) Most expected: they present the new iPhone: the iPhone 11

    Six new colors
    6.1 inch retina display
    Two cameras that allow you to take wider shots
    Space audio: a theater experience
    Optical zoom that allows you to take pictures like this

Q: Is the iPhone 11 worth the money?

  •    Apple says the iPhone 11 has the highest quality video on a smartphone
  •     The front camera can also take slow motion video: slofis, Apple calls them
  •     It will have the fastest CPU of any smartphone
  •     It will have an hour more battery than the iPhone Xs
  •     It will be water and dust resistant
  •     It will resist water up to 2 meters for 2 minutes
  •     It will cost $ 699

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