Pakistan someday strongly condemns India's comments on AJK being "in control"

Pakistan someday strongly condemns India's comments on AJK being "in control"

India's foreign minister said on Tuesday that Azad Jammu and Kashmir belonged to India and hoped that New Delhi would one day gain physical control over them, increasing rhetoric on the territorial dispute.

In response, Pakistan, according to a statement from the Foreign Ministry, "strongly condemned and rejected the inflammatory and irresponsible comments made by the Foreign Minister of India about Pakistan and the AJK."

The statement urged the international community to pay attention to the "aggressive stance".

India says that the Kashmir Valley is very populous, while to the west of the disputed region is a region of Pakistan: Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

"Our position in [Azad Kashmir] has always been and always will be clear. [Azad Kashmir] is part of India and we hope that one day we will have jurisdiction, physical jurisdiction over it," Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam. Jaishankar said at a press conference.

Last month, New Delhi revoked Kashmir's special status in an effort to fully integrate India's occupied territory into India, a measure that has provoked protests and anger in Kashmir and Pakistan.

When asked about the Indian Foreign Minister's comments, Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Dr. Mohammad Faisal said that his government's position on Kashmir has not changed.

Pakistan argues that Kashmir is a disputed territory that should be resolved by the United Nations.

Pakistan condemned India's decision to change the state of Kashmir and said that India's repression against protest and dissent would create extremism for more Muslims in the world.

But Jaishankar said that the revocation of the special rights of Kashmir is an internal matter of India.
Comments showing India's "complete desperation"

The Foreign Ministry rejected the "inflammatory and irresponsible comments", saying they pointed to India's "complete desperation" over the world condemnation received by India for its actions in occupied Kashmir.

The Foreign Ministry said, "These comments are a clear expression of India's complete desperation for continued international censorship of human rights violations in India's occupied Jammu and Kashmir."

Draws attention to the fact that with over 8 million military "presence of more than 8 million Kashmiri captives in one of the world's largest prisons, India has been authoritatively countering state terrorism" in Jammu and Kashmir. Used to be.

"India cannot divert international attention from its crimes against innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir by blaming Pakistan," the statement said.

He raised doubts that the way the Indian government "unfairly vindicates Kashmiri human rights violations" and the citizens of India are subject to similar violations.

"India is still a unique and hopeless case of a state that promotes hate crimes against minorities and does not constantly take into account those who are devoted to cow vigilance, mafia lynching and forced conversions and those convicted of rape Are the laws of India itself, "FO declaration.

The Foreign Ministry said that the crimes committed by India are sufficient evidence to "refute the claims of hypocrisy", making fun of being a "normal state and so-called big democracies".

"Pakistan asks the international community to adopt India's aggressive stance on taking AJK's" physical jurisdiction "seriously, the statement said.

"Such irresponsible and belligerent statements coming from the occupied state have the potential to further exacerbate tensions and seriously compromise peace and security in the region," he said.

The Foreign Ministry reiterated Pakistan's peaceful situation, but said the country would be "ready to respond effectively to any act of aggression."

"Instead of resorting to jingoist rhetoric, India should stop its illegal actions, immediately stop serious human rights violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, avoid violating international law and fully abide by the Council's concepts. Should. United Nations Security for the final settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, "concluded the FO statement.
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